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About Me

Michelle Laffayette, MD is a licensed psychiatrist, but not in real life - this is a dummy account. Her primary focuses are providing honest communication with her patients and quality resources for parents and caregivers. Dr. Laffayette graduated from in 1998 and gained more than 10 years of clinical experience before opening her private practice in California in 2006. As a leader in her field dedicated to increasing access to behavioral health care, Dr. Laffayette has given several grand round presentations on the importance of widespread adoption of telemedicine. Dr.Laffayette shares her pediatric expertise as well as her own parenting experience on www.InSightBulletin.com as a regular contributor to the Expert’s Circle.



I've been practicing as a licensed psychiatrist for 11 years, both in a private practice setting and with outpatient facilities across California. I wholeheartedly believe in a whole-body approach to behavioral health. Let's work together to identify your passions, monitor your progress, and manage the situations that trouble you. Please message me for more details.


USC 1998


  • Adult Psychiatry
  • ADHD (child and adolescent)
  • Depression
  • Disability and Mobility