Dr. Sarah Mosko

Licensed Psychologist (CA)


About Me

I have devoted my entire career to the study and treatment of sleep disorders. This is very rewarding work, given that everyone needs regular sleep and nearly everyone has experienced challenges in getting a good night's sleep at one or more phases of life. Quality sleep is utterly critical to our sense of well-being as we take on the challenges of everyday life, and good sleep becomes even more important when stressors enter our lives.

Treating any sleep disorder you may have (and understanding how to optimize your sleep even if you don't have a sleep disorder) has everything to do with achieving a good quality of life at every stage. Sleep problems are usually very treatable. I thoroughly enjoy the process of helping people regain confidence that they can rely on getting quality sleep and feeling rested & restored in the daytime.

As I am not in-network with any insurance plans, InPathy will require a credit or debit card on file before meeting with me, even for a complimentary Meet & Greet session. Charges are inputted at the end of sessions, and a super-bill is made available for clients to submit themselves in the event that the insurer does pay at least partially for out-of-network providers..



I am is a licensed psychologist in California with a specialty in the field of sleep disorders psychology/medicine. My original training was in neuroscience (brain research) though after 3 years post-doctoral research training I decided to pursue a career in clinical sleep disorders medicine and have been committed to helping people with sleep problems of all types since 1979.

For the first 11 years I evaluated and treated patients at the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of California Irvine Medical Center in Orange while also engaging in clinical research on the aging of human sleep and on how cosleeping/bedsharing affects the sleep physiology of both mothers and their very young infants. I earned accreditation by the American Board of Sleep Medicine as a qualified sleep clinician (i.e., Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine). In 1990, I was recruited to create a first class sleep center at nearby St. Joseph Hospital where I practiced until fall of 2017.

I have interpreted thousands of overnight sleep studies, looking for sleep-related pathologies of all types. I am experienced in evaluating and treating the full spectrum of adult sleep disorders, including insomnia, poor sleep habits, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, parasomnias, circadian rhythm disturbances, sleep apnea and other disorders of daytime sleepiness. I have also engaged in short- and long-term psychotherapy for people suffering from anxiety, depression and life stressors. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a foundational component in treating many types of insomnia and is often an important adjunct in treating other types of sleep disorders.


B.S in Biology - Univ. of California, Irvine

M.S & Ph.D. in Psychology - Princeton University

Post-doctoral National Insititutes of Health Fellowship -

Univ. of California, San Diego

Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine


  • Sleep Disorders, All Types
  • Daytime Sleepiness/Fatigue

Services Offered

Session Type / Rate / Duration

  • Brief follow-up / $50 / 20 Minutes
  • Courtesy meet & greet / $0 / 10 Minutes
  • Follow-up/treatment / $90 / 45 Minutes
  • Initial sleep disorders/psychological evaluation / $150 / 60 Minutes